Replacing Front Doors in the UK

Early Spring has arrived throughout the UK, and now is the time that many people are looking to replace their front door. The English Door Company™ is the first port of call for many - and with highly energy-efficient, low maintenance doors available that are custom made to your specifications, this site is in a busy period.

Specifically, the benefits of buying a door from The English Door Company™ range from dealing with a local installation company - an English Door Company™-approved vendor local to you, from initial quotation and pricing through to final installation, to having a secure and snug door that is the best of it's class, that will look like new for many years to come - and is genuinely low-maintenance, requiring only a wipe down with a soft cloth from time to time. 

Each front door is unique, we offer a range of door furniture and locking options with each door that we make. You may choose from wood finishes or any colour from a swatch that you may have - we can match thousands of colors using our unique Kolorbond system. The exterior and interior faces of the front door may be different colours if you so wish.

Our front doors are handcrafted and, as stated, built to your exact specifications and choice. 

In our factory you will find more people than machines, and we work hard to provide the level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that only hand-finished work can provide.

Our front doors provide beautiful entrances to discerning homes across the country, and we invite you to find out more about The English Door Company™ and how we might provide you with the front door to be proud of this Spring.