Using the very best in modern materials and handcrafted workmanship and manufacture, The English Door Company can supply 1920s and 1930s front doors to your specifications and design.

At The English Door Company, there is no such thing as a mass-produced door, all of our doors are custom made to your exact requirements – including bespoke and custom fit door measurements.

BiFold Folding Doors from Evolution make the most of your living space, and help create new living spaces by extending living areas through to the outside of your home - to a patio or barbecue area, or to your back garden.

New Evolution site Evolution BiFold showcases the best in Bifold Doors with the very latest in glass and materials technology, brought together in such a way so as to maximise energy efficiency, yet lower maintenance and cost of ownership.

Early Spring has arrived throughout the UK, and now is the time that many people are looking to replace their front door. The English Door Company™ is the first port of call for many - and with highly energy-efficient, low maintenance doors available that are custom made to your specifications, this site is in a busy period.

There comes a time when you need to think about replacing an exterior door. With the English Door Company™'s network of retail partners, all aspects of your purchase are completed to exacting standards for you.

If required, a survey will be arranged for you, and the exact door size and frame size measured. An experienced team is then allocated to perform your installation with the utmost care and attention.

If you are looking to buy an exterior door in the UK, then The English Door Company™ has a wide range of designs, security options and finishes for your new door.

There are so many advantages with buying a new door with The English Door Company™, not least that every door that leaves their factory is specifically designed for their client's requirements.

February 2011 sees the launch of The English Door Company™, a range of over 60 door designs with an exciting new collection of door hardware, glass options and a range of traditional, natural and contemporary colour palettes.

All of the doors are made from modern materials, using the very latest in technological advances to ensure that each door in the range not only looks beautiful, it is also highly secure, extremely durable and weatherproof.